Pre-themes 2021
Analisis and feedback, exchanges on innovation issues and trends, master classes, case studies, strategic visions, coaching approaches, exemplary operations, etc…
The Low Carbon World congress puts into perspective, through major themes, solutions and action levers that will contribute to the achievement of 0 Carbon objectives.

Main thematics 2021:

– Actions and environmental regulation 2020, national strategies

– Construction, Materials & Environmental Performance,

– Renovation, Energy & operating performance,

– Neighborhoods, Smart Territories & usage performance,


List of pre-themes 2021 per December 15th

A/ Actions and environmental regulation 2020, national strategies

  1. Environmental Regulation 2020: understanding and implementing the new regulation, impacts on design and building systems
  2. After the Environmental Regulation 2020: a state label to inform future regulations, first steps that will be encouraged, role of existing labels
  3. New economic models, circular economy, low-carbon finance
  4. Support for innovation and the modernization of professions, education & research, local development
  5. Innovation strategies and policies, new organizations, new skills, … : the role of the construction, energy and services industries in environmental transition.
  6. Sustainable competitiveness, reindustrialization and green jobs: strategies and exemplary achievements of the territories
B/ Construction, materials & environmental performance

  1. Eco-design, modeling and control of environmental impacts throughout the life cycle: calculation tools and methods
  2. Latest innovations: innovative and bio-sourced materials, construction systems, new low-carbon solutions, etc.
  3. Circular economy, sorting, recycling and reuse of materials: how are the sectors organized, with which tools, feedback, application of the anti-waste law in construction
  4. Doing more with less: how to build more efficient, flexible, reversible and multifunctional structures
  5. Construction 4.0 at the service of environmental transition: Industrializing and optimizing construction processes and worksites, prefabrication, off-site manufacturing, supply chain
  6. Manufacturers committed to environmental transition: feedback and exemplary approaches to reduce the carbon footprint of their products
C/ Renovation, energy & operating performance

  1. Massifying energy renovation in the residential and tertiary sectors: building solutions and systems, support for individuals and companies, challenges for asset managers, financing, etc.
  2. Services and equipment for energy efficiency and building comfort, energy production, storage systems, self-consumption
  3. Building or Renovating: How to Make the Right Choices, Case Studies
  4. Reducing the carbon impact in the operating phase: optimizing products, processes and flows
  5. Optimize the use of Building as a Service, exploit data and apply advanced digital technologies
  6. Thinking and integrating Smart Buildings into the Smart City
  7. Optimizing exploitation and carbon impact with digital twins
D/ Neighborhoods, Smart Territories & usage performance,

  1. Zero-Carbon neighborhoods, sustainable territorial development, infrastructure sharing: experience feedback and case studies
  2. Using Digital and Connected Infrastructures, Urban Data and Digital Twins for Efficient Energy Services and Low-Carbon Mobility
  3. Making the connected and sustainable city a Reality: how to involve all stakeholders through their behaviors
  4. Sustainability and resilience of territories: challenges, tools and experience feedback
  5. Beyond Low-Carbon: how the city takes care of its people and its environment