The Low-Carbon World exhibition is the showcase of solutions, actors and achievements that will help to meet new regulatory requirements and provide a competitive response to the challenges of construction and low-carbon cities.

The list of exhibitors will be available no later than March 21, 2021 including :

  • Materials and equipment suppliers for construction and cities Wood industry,
  • prefabrication and off-site players; worksite solutions HVAC, electricity,
  • CBM/CTM and energy equipment manufacturers and integrators


  • Construction companies, promoters/developers Engineering and architectural firms,
  • control offices, consultants, training centers
  • Operators in specialized distribution and logistics


  • Players in smart lighting, storage and energy, RE, energy platforms (smart grid, microgrid, etc.)
  • Solution and digital service suppliers, IoT and telecom players, marketplaces (purchasing, recycling, etc.)


  • Administrators of energy services, water, waste Infrastructure and transport
  • operators Industrial sectors, innovation networks, territorial networks, local authorities